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A classic American grill


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Whenever I see a bad review about crown I laugh. First off it is a chicken spot ur not going to get 5 star food from here. But it is good. It's cheap and it satisfies my belly every time. My go to order with my daughter has always been the cheeseburger combo with the chicken rings. Occasionally we will get a milkshake or a sweet potato pie.


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This place was so TERRIBLE. First off my eggs were all over the place, all over the bag it was gross. The delivery guy creeped me out when I went to open the door he was trying to open my door and he seemed like he was pushing his way into my apartment and it gets worse, I found two hairs in my food and my friend found one! NEVER AGAIN!


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Great food, everything was cooked exactly how I asked and was delicious. Everything tasted fresh and the delivery was superfast! Will definetly be ordering from you again! Oh, and for the ladies, my sister said the delivery boy was hot ;D


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Lot of stars for a chicken joint, but ultimately, I got what i paid for, it was good, and it arrived earlier than expected and piping hot. Lots of finer restaurants don't do that. So this particular Crown Grill gets kudos.


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Omg they food is soooo goood delivery is on time just moved to the area couple days ago now me and my kids have a great place to get food from keep up the great work cause you dont come across good food places no more

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3 reviews
I rate these guys very highly. I am really happy with their service and will be recommending them to my AirBNB guests and friends who live in the area.

I didn't have any problem receiving my order in a timely manner. I ordered hot wings, 1/2 a pint of Breyer's cookies and cream ice cream, chocolate cake, and some drinks. Everything came exactly as ordered. The hot wings were piping hot and tasted amazing. The ice cream was expertly packed so that it didn't melt all over the place. The delivery man was professional and completely courteous.


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don't let the low star rate fool you. this place is great. I got my food within 20 minutes of placing the order. The food came hot and crispy (no soggy fries here!) and it was all really good. I had a simple order of hot wings and cheese fries. The fries were crispy still and with a Hefty portion of cheese on top. Very good! cannot wait to order again!


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No idea why this place has such a low rating. You get what you pay for. And for under five bucks, it's an excellent burger. Gyro too. Love their banana pudding.

This is, hands down, my favorite place to order something at two in the morning. Delivery is quick too, even during the daytime.


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Food was a little bit late but not really a huge deal. Door lock was not working but dude was persistent to get me my food at my door. Super friendly delivery dude and food was piping hot and greasy, perfect for Saturday 2am noshing


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I dont know why this place gets a bad rap - they are awesome and delivery is fine! The cheeseburger seems simple but it's big and the meat is light. I think it's a great deal if you consider the price.

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